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Pennington Place Homeowner's Association



Welcome to the official website of the Pennington Place Owner’s Association. This website exists to serve Pennington Place residents with information about the community and to facilitate communications with the residents, the Board of Directors, and the property management company, Keys-Caldwell.

Homeowners can find important information regarding the community right here on our community website. 
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The April meeting of the Board of Directors of Pennington Place Owners Association, Inc. will be held on:

Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 3:15 PM at the Jacaranda Public Library.

Only owners may attend.

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  • Wondering when your yard is scheduled for irrigation? See the most current irrigation schedule contained in the Resource tab under Irrigation Schedule or click here!

  • See the Pennington Place Guidelines now contained in the Resource tab under Community Guidelines or click here!

  • Selling your house?  For information as to what is required, please see the Sale Application form now posted under the Resource Center tab under Forms... or click here! 






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